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Question: How do I embed multiple videos on my website?

Internet Success has found a couple of very good resources to embed multiple videos. As time goes on, some resources are no longer active. I promise to come back to this page and update it with more information about how to embed videos on your website and/or blog.

In my search for the proper video sharing tool I came across a website that summarized the best embeddable online video widgets and playlist creators. So, thank you RobinGood for pointing me in the right direction. From the comparison list on RobinGood's website I could see there were many online video embed widgets that would embed youtube videos, but only one listed that would embed any video on the web. That was just what I needed!

Web Stunning Video Player

Web Stunning Video PlayerWeb Stunning Video Player is a Dreamweaver Extension that allows you to add video to your Web site, quickly and easily, directly in Dreamweaver (Flash is not required). Web Stunning FLV Player is provided with 7 pre-built skins. You can make your own skins. You can replace all skin images with your own.

The features include: Playlists, thumbnail carousel, progressive downloading, streaming, advanced video adjustment controls, hardware accelerated fullscreen mode ... Everything you'll need to provide rich user experience.


Television See Web Stunning Video Player in use - BestDogBlog Video Pics