FAQ - Questions for Boise Website Designer

Internet Success answers a few frequently asked questions.

Do you have a lot of clients?

No, I intentionally keep my client base small so I can focus on my client's needs as well as keep up with my own training.

What happened to Luke, is he still doing website design?

Luke is alive and well working as security support for a digital products online retailer.

What is the big bird on your banner?

The Great Blue Heron lives right here in Boise. This beautiful bird posed for me for a couple hours at Kathryn Albertson Park, so I have used it to represent the greatness of taking care of my clients. When I redesigned my website, I desided to use an illustrated version of the heron. As time permits I'll add more of my heron photos. Here are a few of the pics on Flickr.

What products do you recommend for website design?

Adobe has an excellent suite of professional website design tools. I will soon be creating tutorials featuring various techniques using their website design software.

In addition to professional software, it is very important to understand html and other scripting.


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