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Website Design Tips

When I first started designing websites I was thrilled to find a resource with tips that pointed me to shortcuts, scripts, and good design ideas. I have prepared a list of some of my favorite tips. If you would like to share some of your favorite tips, drop me a note.


Explanation of DocTypes, a key component of compliant web pages.

Content Resources

Why is "Content King", your website should represent your professional persona, where to find content resources.

CSS Tips

Cascading Style Sheets - what is it all about, how to use them for good web design. Examples and tutorials.

Slide Shows

How to create slideshows. Examples and resources.
Coming Soon.

Google Tools

Coming soon.


Coming soon.

Code, Scripts, and Verifiers

Favorite Tutorials


Bad Web Design

An article by Jason OConnor - Top 10 Ways Websites Makes Me Suffer