How To Open Website Links in a New Window

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Please don't feel that this is one of those "stupid questions". Better to think positive - the easy solution is to use HTML code to force a link to open in a new window.

To open a link in a new window, add target="_blank" to the anchor tag. This will cause a new browser window to open where the linked page will load.

Here is an example:

<a href="nostupidquestions.htm" target="_blank">There are no Stupid Questions</a>

And the result is:

There are no Stupid Questions

Using Dreamweaver to Target Links

If you are using Dreamweaver, highlight the text you are linking within your page, go to the properties panel, at the Link Input Field type in the URL to link to, click on the down arrow next to the Target Tag, and choose _blank.

Dreamweaver Properties Panel