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Hire Boise Website DesignerInternet Success works with a small group of local clients to choose the best tools to put their brands online. Their needs vary from entire website design and maintenance, blogs, newsletters, and social networking to do-it-yourself website designer tools from hosting companies that the client can edit and update themselves. Of course it does no good to have a website, if you can't be found. So search engine optimization is a key to success along with listing in search engines and directories.

Social Networking and blogging have become important business tools to enhance your internet presence. Many of my clients have added wordpress blogs to to their websites. Creating wordpress blogs utilizing professional themes and plugins are an excellent way to add fresh content to your website, helping with SEO (search engine optimization). Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and electronic Newsletters are all great ways to connect with current and potential clients and others in your industry..

In addition to designing and maintaining my client's websites and blogs, I make myself available to teach my clients to make the best use of internet, blogs, and social networking techniques. I invite you to review my portfolio.

Vibra-Pro Company
Vibra-Pro Company, Inc.

It was time to update the look for Vibra-Pro. The new Vibra-Pro website utilizes SEO, cascading style sheets and photo galleries.

Vibra-Pro Company designs and manufactures vibrating equipment and applies technology for the Foundry, Forest Products, Food Processing, and Chemical Industry.

We have worked closely with this busy engineer to finish up his text and design. In addition, we are assisting him in promoting his web site by adding meta tags and listing his URL with search engines and directories.

Precision Energy Services

Precision Energy Services serves the industrial energy and power industry. They requested a redesign of their old website to provide a professional look demonstrating their quality technical services in the renewable energy field. In addition to the website, we provided a wordpress blog that they can update themselves.

Precision Energy Services Blog
Precision Energy Services - Blog

The Foot Whisperer
The Foot Whisperer

Boise Spa Pedicure Specialist - The Foot Whisperer wanted her website visitors to envision the truly relaxing atmosphere her clients enjoy. The site is designed to draw attention to the quality of her service and includes testimonials from her Boise pedicure clients.

Find Your Home in Boise - Real Estate Website

Boise Idaho Real Estate Agents Ava Tong and Cristina Pescaru commissioned me to design a real estate website which would include their home and property for sale listings and inform sellers and buyers with valuable information about buying and selling a home in Idaho.

We also created a real estate blog to update readers regarding real estate news and the Boise real estate market.

Find Your Home in Boise Real Estate Blog - Real Estate Blog

Boise Oasis Party Gardens

Boise Idaho Private Garden Wedding & Party Event Site -Oasis Paradise Gardens needed a website as soon as possible to inform Boise area residents about their new private gardens ready for people to begin booking their wedding & reception, and garden party reservations. The design is engineered using HTML5 and CSS3, javascript and jquery enhanced integration, featuring a header image slider, a photo gallery, contact form, a tabbed pane content section, and accordion content section.

Internet Success also created the Oasis Paradise Gardens Blog (wordpress) and social networking accounts: Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter account, and Pinterest account.

Oasis Paradise Gardens Blog
Oasis Paradise Gardens Blog

Evolution Landscape and Nursery

Boise Idaho landscape contractor - Evolution Landscape and Nursery requested a website that would show off their beautiful landscape designs and introduce their business to commercial and residential clients in Idaho and Utah. Their web site design includes an image slider on the home page and lightbox photo galleries.

Internet Success also created a wordpress blog for Evolution Landscape and Nursery. We chose a blog design that was fun, representing the outdoors. I tutored my client to teach her the basics of blogging.

Stamping the Soil - A Landscaper's Footprint Blog
"Stamping the Soil" A Landscaper's Footprint BLOG
Boise Idaho Landscape Blog

Aleksander & Associates

Forensic Engineer and Expert Witness Adam Aleksander wanted a website that he could edit himself, once I designed and got the website online. We added several photo galleries that include photos of his work as a forensic engineer, focusing on investigative, consulting, preventative and safety engineering services.

DogBlog: A Dog's Eye View


Best Dog Blog

 DogBlog: A Dog's Eye View. This was my first attempt at using a wordpress blog. Creating a blog for dogs and their friends and families in the northwest has proved to be a very valuable experience. In addition to learning the tips and tricks of creating blogs, I have also learned a great deal about networking with others on social networking. Twitter has become a great resource.

A work in progress is our website for the dog lover - The featuring our dogs, Maggie and Blue Belle. We encourage all to join us in making the world a better place for dogs and other animals. The feed from our blog is embedded on the website.

Diamond Concrete Polishing
Diamond Concrete Polishing

Diamond Concrete Polishing decided on a fresh look. So I improved his internet presence by changing from a website design that utilized a website builder tool from the hosting company to a website designed by Internet Success utilizing the professional website designer software, Dreamweaver. I added an image slider script on the front page and a visual slideshow for the photo galleries.

Diamond Concrete Polishing is using Twitter. Follow IShineConcrete on Twitter.

Consultants in Epilepsy and Neurology, PLLC
Consultants in Epilepsy and Neurology, PLLC

Using a clean simple design with a rollover java script menu, this site was "just what the doctor ordered". I added the eeg line to the banner and a closing graphic line. The design includes the jagged edge of the Sawtooth Mountains in the top banner. The Sawtooth Mountain picture was one that I had in my collection from a visit to Stanley, Idaho. I merged a few pictures together to get the look I wanted.

Dr. Wechsler is a busy neurologist, who did not have time to think about putting together materials for his website. His domain was in use for his email, but the website was a low priority. I spoke briefly with him about his needs and added some content from resources I had on hand. This is an example of a need for a website, but no time to produce the content. We can still get the site up and running, giving the client time to decide on content that is not critical.

tres bonne cuisine
tres bonne cuisine

When Barbara Haines changed their cafe menu to include theme dinners three nights a week. Her customers started to ask "how will we know which country you are featuring next week?" Barbara had my business card, so she gave me a call. Her need was a website that I would design, but she could update weekly on her own. I did some research and tested out an online product from Network Solutions. It utilized an online template. Both my client and I can access and edit her website online. We have included information about tres bonne cuisine, a photo gallery, map, menus, and their annual event - Oktoberfest, which includes links to YouTube.

You can follow Barbara on Twitter as she features her new beers, wine, and other goodies from Europe.

Idaho Attorney, Sandra L. Clapp & Associates
Sandra L. Clapp & Associates

With a move to a new location, Idaho Attorney, Sandra L. Clapp & Associates chose a new look for their website. This website includes drop down menus utilizing java script, cascading style sheets, and a javascript on the front page creating random images each time the page is refreshed.

Attorney Sandra Clapp keeps in touch with me to maintain her website. She updates law articles and new estate planning and tax information. Because I choose to keep my list of clients to a minimum I am able to give my clients very quick turnaround when they need updates.

Briggs Engineering, Inc.
Briggs Engineering, Inc.

Briggs Engineering, Inc. website includes drop down menus, and cascading style sheets.