Prepare Your Website For Success

The Website Designer for Northwest Small Businesses

Internet Success will team up with you to create a marketing tool that is far reaching. Before we meet with you give thought to whom you want to reach with your product/service. A good source of ideas is the internet itself. If you do not have access to the internet, try your public library. Internet Success will give you hints in surfing the web. As you surf check out your competition. Put yourself in your customer's shoes. Make notes on what you see that is appealing, what you see that you don't like. Bookmarks can be used as reminders. Feel free to ask our advice in your preparation research.

Do you want your visitors to continue to return to your site? If so, you need to plan for updates or changes to your web site. Possibly a newsletter or new products. A links page can be an asset. Encourage web surfers to bookmark your site and they will return to connect to the links that you have set up. These links may be important or relevant links to your industry or organization, or links that you have found to be useful.

After giving some thought to what you envision as your web site, prepare the tools for Internet Success.

Tools for Success - Get Your Information Together

  1. Consider a domain name ( Internet Success can assist you in registering your domain name. The registrar will charge a fee, additional charges may come from your Internet Service Provider who hosts your web site. Internet Success can recommend hosting companies.
  2. Check Network Solutions Who Is to see if your preferred domain name is already taken and, if so, who has registered it.
  3. Logo - adding your company logo will make your site look professional.
  4. Company/organization information - where you are located, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses. A tag line is a good way to remember your company.
  5. Company photo.
  6. A brief history and philosophy about your company/organization. Number of employees. Why your company can benefit the viewer - list your experience, qualifications and accomplishments.
  7. Services - list the type of services you offer and the costs.
  8. If you are selling a product, prepare a list of products, prices, and photos. Internet Success can scan your photos and use design tools to alter them for a clean presentation.
  9. Company brochures are a good resource for print ideas. Look through your brochures and highlight the points you want to make. Remember that your viewing audience may become overwhelmed with too much information.
  10. FAQ - A list of questions your customers frequently ask.
  11. Think of ways to keep your viewers coming back. A newsletter, a monthly contest, a monthly sale, notice of monthly features coming up.
  12. Key words - list words that viewers may use to find your website using a search engine. List as many as you can think of. Include your location, your name, your nick-name, types of services, industry, product names.
  13. Description - provide a description of your web site, including the title. We will use this for submission to directories and search engines. We will also create a description for each page on the site.
  14. Categories - look at search engine categories to determine where to submit your web site URL.
  15. Site Map - a list of all pages for search engine indexing.

Tools to Succeed